So the second book that we read in detail was ANTHEM by Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand is a controversial writer with long volumes to her name, which is why I thought it a good idea to familiarise students with one of her shortest works.

The story is a dystopian science fiction where society has completely devolved into removing the individuality of people. Every person lives and breathes only for the collective.

It is a sin to think, read or write. Society has regressed centuries to the point that they still use candles (although the story is set in the future).

In our reading of it, once again, I would share my screen and we would initially take a literalistic approach, analysing the exact words and sentences used. We would then go deeper into the meaning.

There was one resource that we used which was great. I am linking it here: These short clips were brilliantly made although towards the end you want to make sure to censor some of the scenes and images.


On the whole, my students liked the book a great deal and couldn’t process how “idiotic” people had become to the point that Scholars were usually the dumbest people of society.


Have a look at some clips from our class.